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What an incredible honor it is to be re-elected to the Culver City Council in what can only be described as a landslide victory!


My heartfelt thanks go to over 100 volunteers*, 185 donors, countless supporters and the 3,794 voters who made this grassroots campaign such a resounding success.


Four more years:
In this next term, I look forward to making Culver City even more sustainable, livable and successful. Your input and ideas are vital to our great community – please stay involved and share your thoughts with the Council – I’m listening!


Please join me for my swearing-in ceremony at City Hall on Monday 4/25 at 7pm.


This will be an opportunity to thank Mayor Micheál (Mehaul) O’Leary and Vice Mayor Andrew Weissman for their eight years of dedicated service on the City Council. We will also swear in my new colleagues Thomas Small and Göran Eriksson. Congratulations Thomas and Göran! The first act of the new Council will be to vote in the new Mayor of Culver City, which will no doubt be Jim Clarke… congrats in advance, Jim!


There will be lots to celebrate on Monday night, I hope you can join us.


* Thank you star volunteers!

Campaign co-managers Disa Lindgren & Michelle Weiner
Communications Director & Husband of the Year Karim Sahli
Treasurer Maren Neufeld
Database & Fundraising Rosanne Giza
Stellar Sign Delivery Tony Bravo
Writer & Press Relations James Klein
Fundraising Fairies:
Barbara Honig, Heather Alcantar, Doris Levy, Susan Katcher-Greene, Natasia Gascon & Pat Levinson

#1 Precinct Walker Patricia Bijvoet
Walker, Caller & Supporter Extraordinaire Carlene Brown
Caterer & Style Alisha Martin


Crystal Alexander
Rima Algazairy
Tori Bailey
Jon Barton
Christina Batteate
Renee Bayley
Martin Beer
Kiersten Blake
Jane Brockman
Ken Browning
Bruce Campbell
Amy Cherness
Darryl Cherness
Jim Clarke
Mary Daval
DiAnn Davis
Yolanda T. Davis-Overstreet
Suzanne De Benedittis
Carolyn DeVinny
Ira Diamond
Mayita Dinos
Griselda Espinosa
Alex Fisch
John Flynn
Juan Fregoso
Susannah Funnel
Patricia Garcia
Prisca Gloor
Nancy Goldberg
Paloma Gonzalez
Khin Khin Gyi
Harry Grammar
David Haake
Vallier Hardy
Michael Hersh
Niall Huffman
Keith Jeffreys
Sydney Kamlager
Paula Keating
Donna Kent
Kelly Kent
Laura Jane Kessner
James Klein
Jenni Kuida
Jim Lamm
Andy Leist
Hector Marin
Michelle Mayans
Michael McDonald
Stephen Michael
Senator Holly J. Mitchell
Jordan Moore
Sylvia Moore
Art Nomura
Eleanor Osgood
Chris Paine
Lisette Palley
Norman Palley
Arthur Pochon
Jim Province
Tana Raikes
Judy Richter
Juliana Richter
Lance Richter
Rebecca Rona-Tuttle
Emilien Sahli
Lucien Sahli
Bonnie Seeberger
Matt Seeberger
Judi Sherman
Andy Shrader
Gary Silbiger
Triana Silton
Ronnie Jayne Soloman
Glen Spann
Yvonne Teofan
Amy Thiel
Rick Tuttle
Anna Vizcarra-Barton
Ben Vizcarra-Barton
Claudia Vizcarra
Gary Vogan
Deborah Wallace
Andy Weinberger
Lilla Weinberger
Deborah Weinrauch
Chris Wilde
Roy Woolner
Bike the Vote
Culver City Firefighters Association
New Earth
Woolner Mailing
The Culver Hotel

With gratitude and excitement for the next four years,

Growing up in Culver City was a great experience.
Raising my own kids here is a great pleasure.
Serving my community is a great privilege.

Four years ago, when I was elected to the City Council, my goals were to improve community engagement and government transparency, to work more closely with our schools, to protect our environment, to make City Hall more efficient, and to make it safer to walk, roll, bike and drive in our town.

I’m happy to say that significant progress on these and other fronts has been made during my first term in office.

For example, I championed the creation of a Finance Advisory Committee and expanded public access to the budget.

I helped to usher in a new era of cooperation between the School District and the City which has been tremendously positive and mutually beneficial.

I also helped lead efforts to create a Safe Routes to Schools initiative, improving traffic safety and health in our neighborhoods. This program has gone from a volunteer effort at a single elementary school to a full-scale district-wide program with over $3.5 million in grant-funding.

These are just a few examples of improvements that have been made during the past four years.


Yet, more work remains to be done.

Development needs to be carefully curated and held to a high standard.

We need a comprehensive and forward-looking plan to deal with traffic and to increase transportation options.

We can do even more to further the greening of Culver City while saving money and honoring our commitment to conserve water and energy.

It is critical to enact strong regulations for oil drilling which is happening so close to homes and schools.

I’ve consistently strived for balance in my four years in office. I have listened and been responsive to all stakeholders in our community.


That’s why I’ve gained the support and endorsement of my four City Council colleagues, Congresswoman Karen Bass, Senator Holly Mitchell, along with the Sierra Club, current and former elected officials, and a growing number of Culver City residents.


I hope to earn your support and your vote on April 12th.